The mountains and the streets, connecting the people.

ABOUT Sightseeing information site of town centering on mountain

The mountains and the streets, connecting the people.
Taking in a deep breath while admiring the majestic sceneries from a mountain's peak.
If only one could combine both the joys from the mountain and the excitation of the towns which expand endlessly on its foot.

This is what we have thought.

Climb up the mountains, soak in the hot springs at their feet, and enjoy the unique dishes of the villages in the mountains' vicinity.
Stroll around the town's streets, meet with the people, and discover the town's charms.
By experiencing the culture of the towns born from the mountains, one can undoubtedly deepen their feelings toward the mountains.

Connecting the mountains and the town streets, creating a link on which the travelers walk.
Encounter the various charms born from the unique colors woven by the mountains and the towns.
Such a brand-new form of traveling is called "環 - TAMAKI."

Bringing new delights to your journey
"TAMAKI" begins.

AREA Kobe City Rokko

"Kobe" is a famous sightseeing spot known for its exotic streetscape and reservoir of exquisite dishes.

Lying in the city's background, Mount Rokkō is not only renowned for its breathtaking nightscapes but is also famous as a spot for mountain climbing. There are many spots that travelers cannot afford to miss during their trips to the town including the stunning vista from the mountain's peak, the "rock garden" where hikers can enjoy climbing the granite walls, and many watery landscapes such as the "Kōza no Taki." Don't forget to give these spots a visit on your next trip to sightseeing Kobe!


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